5 Most Unique Football News Sites in India
5 Most Unique Football News Sites in India
5 Most Unique Football News Sites in India
EPL English Premier League5 Most Unique Football News Sites in India

5 Most Unique Football News Sites in India

After a year since its inception, MadOverFootball has covered a wide range of football news. You can find in-depth coverage of all the popular football players as well as football clubs the world over. 

Football historically has been overshadowed by Cricket but as the years have gone by, Football has taken the fancy of many sports lovers in India. With the viewership increasing tenfold in the last few years, all the major leagues from around the world are broadcasted on TV. Online football streaming platforms such as Hotstar have only helped in increasing the popularity of football in India. 

The increase in popularity has also helped Indian Football grow leaps and bounds. The Indian national team, also known as The Blue Tigers recently reached their highest ranking in the history of the sport. The rise in popularity has also given birth to the Indian Super League which has seen World Cup winners such as Robert Pires, David Trezeguet, Alessandra Nesta, and Roberto Carlos play in the tournament. 

With the popularity growing, there has been a huge increase in the number of websites covering football in India. Some of these websites have even begun competing at the international level. Listed below are the five most unique football news sites in India. 


MadOverFootball.com is unarguably one of the best football sites in India. It is a one-stop for all football lovers. The website provides detailed insights into all the major football leagues from around the world. Mad Over Football provides you with detailed coverage of the best players in the world. 

The website has detailed coverage of all the major tournaments in the world like the Euro 2020. Detailed reviews of each team, as well as detailed football match reports, can be found there. 


As the name suggests, TheFootballIndia.com has in-depth coverage of Indian football. The website makes sure that as a football fan, you don’t need to look anywhere else. The site also highlights the rise in women’s football in the country over time. 


GoalMaestro.com brings to you every goal scored from all the major leagues around the world. It also provides insight into the latest developments in the footballing world. Information about the best football players as well as the best clubs in the world can be found here. 

The site also helps you delve into the personal life of the players. Information such as ‘Who is the richest footballer in the world?’ can be found here. 


Beyond100Yards.com as the name suggests gives you insights into the world of football outside the football pitch. The site provides you with all the football transfers of the best football players and football clubs from around the world. 

Beyond 100 Yards provides the reader with information about the personal lives of the players as well as other initiatives taking place in the world of football. 


LiveMatchupdates.com provides readers with football news along with a host of other sports as well. The site has an in-depth schedule of all the live football today and the football news from around the world. Besides football, the site covers a host of other sports such as Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, and Basketball.


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