AC Milans' God iZ Back
AC Milans' God iZ Back
AC Milans' God iZ Back
EPL English Premier LeagueAC Milans' God iZ Back

AC Milans’ God iZ Back

Former Sweden forward Ibrahimovic, who is the record goal-scorer for his country and owns a stake in the Stockholm top-flight team, took a full part in the training session which had a mixture of bright sunshine and brief snow and hail showers.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic underwent all medical examinations, including two swabs. Consequently, the club received permission to close its quarantine.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was allowed to break the quarantine to return after a week to his apartment, as the Milan striker had twice tested COVID-19 negative. He spent the entire lockout in Sweden, returning Monday, where he was taken straight to the training ground in Milanello to remain in a quarantined bed.

The veteran announced his change of scenery on Instagram and Twitter, with a photo of him looking over his balcony.
“God iZ is back and watches over you,” he wrote.

AC Milans' God iZ Back

The 38-year-old had a brief bout of coughing as he prepared to take part in a final shooting exercise as the Easter Monday session came to a close, but he recovered quickly and started to smash powerful shots and volleys into the top corner.

The player left the Milanello sports center to go home in the center of Milan and from tomorrow he will join one of the two training groups to begin the re-athleticism process preparing for the start of the joint training scheduled for Monday, May 18.

AC Milans' God iZ Back

After the lifting of the ban levied by the Lombardy State, the Swedish sponsored swabs were carried out.

A brief bout of coughing didn’t seem to disturb Milan striker as he was continued to play. The global football shutdown caused by grave virus led AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic trained with Swedish club Hammarby.


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