Atalanta beat Lazio 3-2 in a fantastic 27th round
Atalanta beat Lazio 3-2 in a fantastic 27th round
Atalanta beat Lazio 3-2 in a fantastic 27th round
EPL English Premier LeagueAtalanta beat Lazio 3-2 in a fantastic 27th round

Atalanta beat Lazio 3-2 in a fantastic 27th round

Atalanta beat Lazio 3-2 in a fantastic 27th round derby of Serie A in Bergamo after losing 2-0 in the 11th minute. Practically not even starting the match and Lazio seemed to secure the win. The hosts were already disastrously setting an offside trap in the 5th minute and Lazzari charged from left to right. He was searching for Corre but found De Roon who knocked the ball into his net, trying to smash it.

It looked like Atalanta would experience a disaster because her defense was coming out too high and Lazi ‘s quick wings were doing what they wanted. At the entrance to the penalty area, Immobile got rid of the keeper in the 26th minute and shot from a great position next to the target.

The chances started to line up like on a tape in the mad flow of the match, and two minutes after Immobile’s miss, someone in the crowd blocked Gosens’ excellent shot and Zapata struggled to clear the ball into the net. Lazio escaped in another counterattack after defending, Immobile again has a chance, but this shot of his also goes alongside the goal.

Now it was the turn of Atalanta again, so Malinovskij shot at the corner with a huge shot in the 31st minute, but Strakosha bounced into the corner from which Djimsiti shot well, but the ball ended up again in the corner. It was just a matter of time who would score first in the 38th minute to get Atalanta back into the game. Solid Zapata left the ball for Hateboer who threw to the second post from the right-wing. Some Gosens reached the opposite corner with a great header for 1:2.

Atalanta threatened the visitors’ goal from the first second of the second half, and in the 49th minute, Gomez found Djimsiti with a perfect pass at the other end of the penalty area, whose shot would certainly have ended in a goal if anyone hadn’t thrown himself in front of the pass. A sequence of home corners started, and Zapata ideally dropped the ball again in the 51st minute for Djimsiti, whose shot went a little past the post.

Atalanta beat Lazio 3-2 in a fantastic 27th round
Atalanta beat Lazio 3-2 in a fantastic 27th round

Lazio was dropping minute by minute, and Atalanta was rising and the game had passed to half the Romans altogether. Yet without too much difficulty, the guests defended themselves even though their legs were getting heavier. Correa came out, Cataldi got hurt, and the hosts seemed to sense they could get to the point safely, even though they were chasing all three.

Their dominance paid off in the 66th minute when Malinovski got the ball a little diagonally from the right side and knocked the ball into the target for 2:2 with a fantastic shot from the edge of the penalty area.

The visitors held the pressure to tie the game when Milinković-Savic first got a yellow card after a short run through the center for running into a challenge studs.

Gasperini took Malinovski in the 77th minute and introduced Iličić and the Slovenian to the chance in the first action but he complicated the situation, and in the 80th minute the guests broke into the corner from which they would obtain a goal.

Scored by Tireless Papu Gomez, Strakosha urgently measured the ball’s trajectory, and on the other tripod is Palomino who heads the ball into the nearly empty goal for the final reversal. By the end of the match, he could have Lazio and suffer harder because he fully opened up. However, Gomez ‘s incredible misses in the 90th minute were not missed by the hosts and Muriel in the 91st.

With this loss, Lazio stayed behind Juventus four points while Atalanta held a six-point lead over Roma fourth.


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