Be Strong, Be Safe: Neymar
Be Strong, Be Safe: Neymar
Be Strong, Be Safe: Neymar
EPL English Premier LeagueBe Strong, Be Safe: Neymar

Be Strong, Be Safe: Neymar

The coronavirus pandemic has not only impacted the world disastrously but has made many people anxious. Not only the common people but the celebs and the athletes are also affected by the disastrous disease.

The Brazilian footballer Neymar has admitted to struggling from distress about the coronavirus epidemic. He wrote on his website that he is not sure when he can return to the field and the thought roots his anxiety.

”I genuinely miss football. I’m sure the fans, too, prefer to see the return of the soccer gamers to the courts. I hope it takes place as quickly as possible, “added the striker of the Brazilian countrywide group and French champion PSG.

He additionally shared an image with his fans: Another day quoting, “Be Strong & Be Safe.”

Neymar, who moved from Barcelona to PSG for a report of 222 million euros, two years in the past, is humiliating on his lavish property, located in Mangaratiba, which is 100 km from Rio de Janeiro.

Neymar paid eight million euros for the villa four years ago, and the property has tennis and volleyball courts, swimming pools, and a heliport. Neymar does no longer spend time in isolation alone but additionally brings his closest buddies to the property.

Be Strong, Be Safe: Neymar


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