Sunderland boss Alex Neil believes that promotion to the Championship is the first step toward the club’s long-term ambitions to get into the Premier League. Neil took over in February and led them to a 2-0 victory in the playoff final. Sunderland was relegated from the Premier League after enduring a miserable season under David Moyes. Neil hopes they can return to the top tier soon.

“I’m buzzing for them, and the fans. This club shouldn’t be where it is, and this is the first step towards getting us back where we want to be. I thought we deserved to win. Wycombe has done great this season, we knew a lot of people had heavily backed us, but that’s normal for us. We coped with that really well, the lads deserve it,” Sunderland boss Alex Neil said. “It’s a Championship club, and we aspire to be even better than that. Days like today for this club only matter if you win, but we won and that’s all that matters. The biggest pressure was from me – the hierarchy, the people who own the club, that’s not what was discussed, it was, ‘How can you help us, how can you fix the things that need fixing?'”

“I said to the lads in the team talk, it was about moments. Moments in your life, in your career. You can have all the money in the world, play at high levels, do this, do that,” he added. “But if you think about any key players in the course of history – Van Basten, his goal, Maradona, the goals against England, it’s moments in time that are the most important thing. I said to the lads today, this is your moment in time. You could be a hero today who’ll never be forgotten.”

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