Celtic new goalkeeper Ben Siegrist says he was sold on a move to the club after hearing about the vision of head coach Ange Postcoglou. He signed a four-year deal with the club after his contract at Dundee United expired in the summer. Siegrist revealed that just one conversation with Postecoglou convinced him the club would make him better. Siegrist has been brought in to provide competition to Joe Hart after the latter was handed the No 1 jersey.

“He just told me the vision for the whole football team. He said there are no guarantees and I know there are no guarantees because I went to Dundee United and there weren’t any guarantees and it turned out pretty good,” new Celtic goalkeeper Ben Siegrist said. “I have huge respect for the players that are here because I had to compete against them which wasn’t always easy. We’re the champions of Scotland and it’s an opportunity for me to join I look forward to integrating myself and bringing my abilities into the team. That’s the challenge I wanted.”

“I obviously look up to him (Hart). We’ve had little chats here and there after games and he just seems like a top-class guy. It’s great to have the opportunity to compete with him, it’s not against him as it’s a goalkeeping union thing. As a player, you’ve got to believe in yourself, and obviously, if you have positive conversations with the manager and you hear his vision for the whole squad, the whole fanbase,” he added. “You have to have confidence but I’m also the type of person who wants to learn, who wants to better myself, who wants to improve, who wants to gain another percentage to better my performances.”

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