The FA announced that they will investigate an allegation of racist abuse by a supporter during Bradford’s friendly against Chesterfield. There was a break during the first half after reports of a supporter racially abusing one of the Bradford substitutes. The club says the supporter denied any of the allegations and left the stadium voluntarily once spoken to by the police and the stewards. Bradford manager Mark Hughes labeled the incident a disgrace.

“I wouldn’t call the guy a supporter if I’m honest. What the players were saying he said was an absolute disgrace,” Bradford boss Mark Hughes said. “You can’t have that whether it’s a pre-season game or a kickabout on a school field. You’ve got to get rid of any kind of racism and questioning people’s skin color is just unacceptable.”

“After being made aware of the alleged comment, stewards and police officers spoke to the fan in question, who denied the accusation and left voluntarily,” Chesterfield said in a statement with the FA investigating the incident. “Witness statements have been taken as part of an investigation and, if necessary, appropriate action will be taken. Our club and Community Trust do a lot of work around anti-racism and racist comments at our stadium will not be tolerated.”

“In this day and age, we should be past this. It’s not Chesterfield as a club or the fanbase. You get idiots in every group and it’s sad to see,” Vadine Oliver said.

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