Dundee boss Mark McGhee revealed that he has gone on a diet to help the club stave off relegation from the Scottish Premiership. They are bottom of the league and are five points behind St Johnstone with five games left. He revealed that they are not leaving any stones left unturned and are prepared to go the extra mile.

“When the boys run out there on Saturday then we need to be able to say we have done everything we can to help them get a result. There are two things I am doing this week to focus on getting the win,” Dundee boss Mark McGhee said. “The first thing I have done is to go on a diet so I am hungry all the time. I then ask myself why am I hungry and I am hungry because there is a big game on Saturday. The second thing I am doing – and I have told Charlie (Adam) I am doing this – is that I won’t be using any heating [at home]. So I will be cold. I then ask myself why am I cold? I can say because of the game on Saturday.”

“It is not the two things of being cold and hungry but it is the principle of them because I am asking my own players to make this game as important in their own minds,” he added. “I want them to focus on the game and this is what I am doing to make sure they are focused. For the rest of this week, I will be on a strict Lesley Strachan diet and I won’t be using the heating, trust me. It is a psychological thing for me because when I get here on Saturday.”

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