SWPL managing director Fiona McIntyre believes that the Scottish game must capitalize on England’s success at Euro 2022. She hopes it could prove to be a watershed moment for the game in the country. The new Scottish Women’s Premier League is set to kick off this weekend. Women’s football is now the responsibility of the Scottish Professional Football League.

“I was lucky to be there on Sunday and what an occasion it was. It’s got the potential to have a huge impact up here, potentially a watershed moment,” Fiona McIntyre hopes the Scottish game can capitalize on England’s Euro 2022 success. “I say potential because it does require everyone to play their part – we need our commercial partners to invest at a level that’s going to make a difference, we need broadcasters to shine a light on the game and we need better facilities for our clubs to access.”

“The more the game is visible and accessible then the quicker we can grow that grassroots element of the game and have more girls playing football and the better the quality will be at the performance level,” she added. “There’s a real palpable sense of excitement, everyone’s looking forward to the new season ahead and there’s a sense that women’s football is on a real upward curve and everyone’s willing to work together to make it happen.”

“An experience the girls had never had last season was winning something of that enormity and now this season they’ve got a different dynamic where they’ve got to try and retain it,” Rangers head coach Malky Thomson said. “We’ve added to the squad, we’ve had a good preparation in Spain and we’re good to go for Sunday. We must grow the game and allow talent to flourish. There are lots of talented youth players out there and at Rangers we have some experienced players that have come in and the impact they will have on our youth players will only benefit Scottish football.”

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