Hearts manager Robbie Nielson revealed that consistent qualification for European football will be key to Hearts mounting a title challenge in the future. Nielson signed a three-year contract after winning the Championship, reaching a Scottish final and European group-stage football during his time at the club. Hearts sporting director is hoping to end the domination of Celtics and Rangers that started in 1986.

“We have to try and build over the next few years and I think the key for us is: Can we continually get into European group-stage football?” Hearts head coach Robbie Nielson said. “If we can do that for two, three, four years, it allows us to build. There is no doubt the gulf is massive but we want to try and keep cutting away at it and cutting away to try and get to an opportunity where we can actually mount a challenge. I’m not going to put a time limit on it, I think it’s going to be a process over a number of seasons. But the key one for us, can we continually get into European football, because that is ultimately where the club make the finances to allow us to improve the squad and the club as a whole and start bridging that gap.”

“We have speaking about it for a couple of months now so to finally get it sorted is great, it allows us to focus on the season ahead,” he added. “First and foremost I am really enjoying my time back at Hearts, it’s a fantastic club to be at. I am delighted to be here, the team has been doing really well, the board has been great, and the Foundation (of Hearts) has been great, so it’s a great platform to build forward.”

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