Adelaide United footballer Josh Cavallo revealed he is proud that his coming out inspired Jake Daniels to do so. Cavallo posted a video online with the message: “I’m a footballer and I’m gay.” The video changed his life as he became the only top-flight footballer to come out as gay. Cavallo looks a completely different person after the video and recently was happy that he was an inspiration for Blackpool’s Jake Daniels who came out two weeks ago. Daniels became the first professional footballer to come out in more than 30 years. Both the footballers revealed that they now speak on a regular basis.

“It was raw emotion, I wanted people to see how I felt. I never thought… there would be a day that came and I said, ‘I’m Josh Cavallo, a footballer and I’m gay,'” Josh Cavallo said about Jake Daniels. “To know that I’ve influenced someone in such a small space of time, it’s phenomenal. My main advice to him is to embrace who you are and just enjoy it. Mate, you’ve opened a new chapter, this is your new life, so go out there and live it. I’m very excited for both of us. We’re only at the start of our careers. It is a work in progress and it’s not always going to be happy days. There are going to be days that are quite gloomy as well. But he’s prepared for that.”

“When I received that award, I was emotionally quite sad, but on the outside, I looked happy. And I wanted to change that,” he added. “To see the tweets from Lil Nas X or Ellen DeGeneres or all the big Premier League clubs… [Liverpool manager] Jurgen Klopp was talking about it as well. It’s really nice to see.”

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