Legendary manager Neil Warnock announced his retirement from football after 42 years in the job. Warnock confirmed his retirement on Soccer Saturday with Middlesbrough being the last club he managed in 2021. He has managed 1600 games during his career and has won promotion a record eight times. Warnock holds the record for most games managed in professional football in England. After two decades in the top two tiers of English Football, he was not convinced about dropping tiers.

“I just thought it was the right time, really, coming towards the end of the season, there’s not really a job you’re going to get before then. I’ve had a good run really. I’m enjoying things I’ve not done for years, I’m having a lot of time with the family, my dogs and I’ve taken up cycling too,” Neil Warnock said after announcing his retirement. “I’m not saying the enthusiasm’s gone, I’ve not lost that, but when I see some of my friends who are struggling health-wise, there comes a time where you have to let your family enjoy a little bit more of your time, in particular my wife Sharon. When you’re a manager you’re very selfish, you take your job home with you whether you’re on a high or a low and it’s very difficult for your wife and kids.”

“It’s hard to replicate the final whistle when you’ve won a game, there’s nothing quite like that in normal life, and you have to realize you’re not going to get that buzz again in that situation. But I’m doing a couple of evenings in the theatre, and I imagine I’ll still be nervous before them,” he added. “There were so many. I was lucky to have eight promotions and you can’t really pick one out. I’d always supported Sheffield United, getting them promoted was really special, but I enjoyed it so many times – Notts County, Huddersfield, Plymouth, were all really good.”

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