Nottingham Forest boss Steve Cooper said he was proud to lead the team into the Premier League although former Huddersfield player Michael Hafele feels they were robbed in the final. They returned to the top tier for the first time in 23 years after their narrow win at Wembley. Forest was rock bottom of the table when he took over after losing six of their first seven games.

“I’m really pleased for the players and the supporters. I think we played well in the first half. And of all the good goals we’ve scored this season, we get one like that – but it doesn’t matter. And we managed to see it through. Everyone connected to this football club deserves this today. We’re looking forward to a positive future,” Nottingham Forest boss Steve Cooper said. “It’s relief of course but it’s pride. I love being at this football club. It’s changed my life. My family is here, the players’ families are here – this football club is about belonging to a city. It comes together on matchday. We’ve taken over Wembley today and are in the Premier League.”

“Shocking. Huddersfield was robbed. The VAR is here. If you don’t give the penalty for the first one then you have to give this one as you know you made a mistake for the first one,” former Huddersfield player Hefele said. “If the ref can’t see it, and his team can’t see it, which is poor, then, obviously, we have got VAR for such a big game and they have to see it. It is unacceptable that they don’t give a penalty because it is a clear touch. I’m not being a bad loser whatsoever, but this is a clear penalty, and how on Earth the guys from the VAR can’t see this is shocking.”

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