Dele Alli got suspended for one game
Dele Alli got suspended for one game
Dele Alli got suspended for one game
EPL English Premier LeagueDele Alli got suspended for one game

Dele Alli got suspended for one game

Alli apologizes for the coronavirus-related social media post; Tottenham vs. Manchester United will feature on the Sky Sports Premier League on 19 June.

Next week Dele Alli will miss Tottenham ‘s return to Premier League action with Manchester United after the FA handed him a one-game suspension for a social media post.

The 24-year-old was also fined £ 50,000, after violating FA Rule E3, ordering him to take a face-to-face education course. The incident is related to a video posted on the player’s Snapchat account in February where he appeared to be mocking an Asian man and joking about the coronavirus outbreak.

“I would like to apologize again in response to the FA decision for any offense caused by my behavior. It was an incredibly poorly calculated joke about a virus that has now affected us more than we could ever have expected. I am thankful that The FA has acknowledged that my words were not racist because I condemn bigotry of any sort. We must all be aware of the words and actions we are using, and how others can perceive them,” Alli said in a statement to the website of the club.

Alli deleted the video and released an apology in February saying the matter was “not anything to be laughed about” and that he was “letting myself and the club down.”

Spurs manager Jose Mourinho praised Alli in his apology for displaying “major modesty,” and said, “the last thing Dele is, is something connected with bigotry or disrespect.”

“The player denied that a social media post infringed FA Rule E3(1) because it was insulting and/or inappropriate and/or disreputed the game, and constituted an ‘aggravated breach’ […] because it included a reference, express or implied, to race and/or color and/or ethnic origin and/or nationality,” read the FA statement on Thursday.

The FA ‘s rules on media comments and social media posts advise players that if they believe someone has behaved unacceptably or disrepute the game they will make charges under Rule E3.

In November, midfielder Bernardo Silva from Manchester City received a one-game ban and £50,000 fine from the FA for an “aggravated breach” of the rule-following a controversial tweet to co-mate Benjamin Mendy, while in October, teenager Harvey Elliott from Liverpool received a 14-day ban on a Snapchat post deemed to contain a disability reference.

Alli will miss Tottenham’s first game as the Premier League returns live on Sky Sports on Friday 19 June when Jose Mourinho’s side takes on Manchester United.


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