Chelsea boss Antonio Conte believes that Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp was looking for an excuse when the latter criticized their style of play during their 1-1 draw at Anfield. Klopp revealed that he would never teach his teams the style of play despite Spurs having a better chance to win the game. Klopp said later that his comments were taken out of context and it was a backside compliment for the Italian coach.

“Jurgen is an intelligent person, very clever. For the coach, it is not simple after the game, you have to try to keep your head cool. Sometimes it is not easy and many times if you remember this season I was disappointed with the result and myself and my players,” Tottenham boss Antonio Conte said about Jurgen Klopp. “I have respect for Jurgen and I know he respects me a lot and this is a good chance for him and me to learn that during the game you never have to speak about your opponent. It is important to be focused on your team. He was a bit frustrated after the game but at the same time for every coach, it is important to learn to be focused on your team, not the opponent. It means you want to find an excuse or an alibi because your job was wrong. We are talking about an important game. Important for many different situations.”

“No. It’s what I think, it’s just not what I should say because it’s not appropriate,” Klopp said. “We didn’t lose and it felt like a loss. One of you guys asked how they defended and that was the moment it clicked. I mean it when I say I couldn’t coach it – it was a backhanded compliment.

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