Burnley forward Ashley Barnes believes that Premier League refs want them relegated due to their ugly playstyle. Former boss Sean Dyche had a long-standing issue with the number of decisions that were given against his side. Recently, there have been contentious decisions over penalties and a sending-off. Barnes was penalized for a handball while they were not awarded a penalty when Lucas Digne did the same.

“I think in recent seasons people look at us and think we’re a hard team, being ugly. No disrespect, I think people, even referees, want us gone from the league,” Burnley forward Ashley Barnes said about refs in the Premier League. “That’s just another issue we have to overcome. We’ve just got to concentrate on the game ourselves. Of course, they do. The whole situation when (Kevin Friend) goes to the screen at the weekend. (Tottenham) played on, they missed a great opportunity and everyone goes to set up for a goal-kick, but then there’s VAR, it’s like, ‘What?’ Then he’s smiling when he comes away and no one can speak to him. Even (at Villa Park) we can’t speak to (Paul Tierney). Go and check the screen, that’s what it’s for. We just need consistency throughout the decisions.”

“We’ve got it in our hands to win it at the weekend,” Barnes said. “We’ve got a good group, an experienced group who know how everything works in terms of game management in these situations, and hopefully we can get it over the line,” he added. “For us as players when we cross the while line we give it all and block out everything else. Everything rides on this game for survival, it’s a new situation, but we just have to stay calm, stay positive and concentrate on ourselves.”

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