Brighton Women head coach Hope Powell reflected on the season and believes that the club can break into the top four sometime in the future. Compared to last season, Brighton has not been able to maintain its consistency but has kept up with the mid-tier teams. With two games of the Women’s Super League season to go, Powell hopes that they can match their sixth-place finish of the last season.

“It’s really interesting – when I sit at home and I turn on the TV, I can watch Chelsea vs Tottenham [in the WSL] or West Ham vs Eintracht Frankfurt [in the Europa League]. It’s just incredible that it’s so accessible now,” Brighton Women head coach Hope Powell said. “I think that’s really helped, in terms of galvanizing fans. The product is better than it’s ever been. With all the media attention around it and with the Euros coming up. The appetite for women’s football is the best it’s ever been, the best I’ve ever known it in my lifetime.”

“I really believe – whether I’m here or not, and that’s not because I don’t want to be, but we know the nature of football – I think this club has real potential to be a top-four club,” she added. “It’s part of the strategy, it’s the owner’s belief. Potential plus hard work, we have the ability to get there. So, I think the future is really bright for Brighton – simply because all the foundations have been laid. The ambition of the club is to be a top-four club. I think that’s been well documented. This season I think we’ve done relatively well. We’re always striving to do better. The challenge we have is about the consistency of performance. If we get that right, we get more and better players in, we’re heading in the right direction.”

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