Brentford have offered Christian Eriksen a long-term contract and are now awaiting a reply from the Dane. The club have been in talks about a contract after he played a major hand in the second half of the season in the Premier League. It was his first bout of football following a cardiac arrest at the Euros. Eriksen is said to be happy to be back in London and playing under fellow Dane Thomas Frank. The 30-year-old midfielder has played two matches for his country since he joined Premier League side Brentford at the end of January.

“I think the first miracle started when they saved me on the pitch, that is the first thought. After, obviously there was a lot of communication with the doctors, getting checked at the hospital, and getting the all-clear to be back playing football,” Christian Eriksen said about Brentford. “The first thought was of course to be back to a normal life, to be a dad, to be a boyfriend, to be a family man, and then secondly the football came. Luckily the doctors didn’t say or see anything that would prevent me from going back and being fully fit to play again. That has been a journey but like you said it’s been a year, it’s been tough but it’s a nice year to be back and playing football again. It’s something I wanted to do when I could, so I am pleased to be back.”

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