Conor Coady revealed that being a footballer representing England is a privilege that he will never take for granted. Despite having just nine caps to his name, the Wolves captain is not a stranger to the international scene. He was the captain of the U17 team that won the 2010 European Championship. They were the first men’s team to win an international tournament in 17 years. He made his debut a year on against Denmark where he became the first Wolves player to start for England since 1990.

“I never get used to the feeling because if you do, I think you become a little bit comfortable,” England center-back Conor Coady said. “Getting comfortable is something I’ve never done in my life, I never would do. Being called up by your country is the biggest privilege a footballer can ever have in their life, so I’ve never got comfortable and I’ll never take it for granted. I always try to do my best every single day and that’s something I’ll always do, so I’ve never really got used to it because every time I come here it’s the best feeling in the world. It’s an incredible moment just to be part of this group and part of this group of lads again.”

“It’s something natural that comes with this group of players. It’s something natural that comes from the manager, his staff, and the people who surround the manager and his staff as well,” he added. “We all enjoy spending time together and it’s not changed since the Euros and didn’t change before the Euros. It was always something that was a part of us and that’s something the gaffer has created since being here. Just helping people. Keep helping people as much as possible.”

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