Former Manchester United coach Eric Steele believes that Erik ten Hag will reinstil the discipline needed for the club to be successful again. Ajax manager ten Hag was appointed as the manager and will take over in the summer. He has a mammoth task on his hand to bring success to the club that has now gone five years without a trophy. Steele worked under Sir Alex at Manchester United as well as with ten Hag at FC Utrecht.

“I’ve never known so much information come out of Manchester United’s dressing room and become public. I’m sure he will very quickly discipline them and say, ‘this has got to stop’, which is precisely what’s needed. I don’t think he’ll allow any of that,” Eric Steele said about Erik ten Hag. “When I was there you had big characters – the big players ran the dressing room, and that’s what you want. You want them to have the belief, come in every day and want to be successful, to train hard every day to better the club, improve the team and be successful. At the moment it seems very much it’s individuals being discussed and not the team.”

“There are arguments on the field between players. Things that have happened in the dressing room that have come out – those simply wouldn’t have happened when I was there under Sir Alex,” he added. “So I think they have to get the culture right on and off the field, and I’m sure Ten Hag is the man to get them back to where they ought to be: in the top four. I thought – ‘great! I’ve had an instant impact on him. Only seen me for a few days and he’s got out of the place! But it gave me an ideal opportunity to watch him work.”

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