Everton boss Frank Lampard believes there is a long way to go in the relegation race despite his side’s 1-0 shock win against Chelsea. Richarlison scored his fourth goal in five games while Jordan Pickford produced a scintillating display in the second half. Everton has taken 10 points from their last four games and will be reliant on the Goodison Park atmosphere to help them battle the drop.

“I don’t know what is in your hands around the bottom of the table. If it was Liverpool and Manchester City you’d think they would win every game and then in your hands is great at that point. But are we expecting Burnley to win every game? At the minute maybe yeah! Are we expecting Leeds to win every game?” Everton boss Frank Lampard said. “I think it is hard to say what is in our hands and that’s because we can only control certain things – and that’s when we play. That’s the difficult thing about yesterday, we can’t control Burnley. We can’t control Leeds. We can only control ourselves. Of the five games, we will have to control ourselves well enough to get enough points. We don’t know what that (total) is.”

“I think it was an important moment to talk about the reality of the situation. You can keep telling the players to believe. Then there are other times when the demands are this. To be good lads is not enough to stay in this league. It is clear what the table looks like,” he added. “My feeling was we needed an extra boost, an extra bit of attention, and to be fair the players delivered that. I mentioned it (the Burnley result) briefly to the players this morning because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t fear or a lack of hope with the points difference.”

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