Gary Neville believes that the Glazer family should sell Man United but there is a chance to implement a five-point plan should they stay on. The Glazer family has been at the club since 2005 but has won only three trophies since Sir Alex Ferguson retired as the boss. They lost to Atletico in the Champions League which marked their worst trophy drought in 40 years. The Super League was a turning point for a number of fans but Neville believes that they can win over the fans once again with a number of changes.

“I’m really worried at this moment in time. I’d never gone for the Glazer family whilst I was at the club. I saw no reason to – we were successful,” former Man United defender Gary Neville said. “The Super League was a moment for me where all those owners demonstrated complete and utter greed and disdain for English football. They were willing to ruin it on behalf of their own interests. In terms of the Glazer family, post that Super League they said they were going to communicate, they said they were going to change things. They’ve not changed anything.”

“My view is there is a problem right at the very top. They’ve had 10 years to prove they can be good football operators beyond Sir Alex Ferguson and David Gill (former chief executive), and they’ve proven they can’t do it,” he added. “The first thing that should happen is they should sell the club, because of the Super League, because of their 10 years of failure without Ferguson and that team that he had. But if they really want to stay – because you can never force the Glazer family to sell – then they’ve got to do four or five things.”

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