Graham Potter believes it is tough to explain Brighton’s record-breaking season as they have broken records for highest points as well as most wins. They currently are in ninth place and will be looking for a top-10 finish in the Premier League. Brighton has never finished above the bottom six and has done so this season with three games to spare. It’s not a small feat considering they sold Ben White and Dan Burn at various times this season.

“It’s a tricky one. I’m asked a lot, ‘Why’s this? Why’s that?’ You want to give some clever, coach answer but sometimes it’s just ‘football’ and part of why we love the game. Sometimes you can’t explain things,” Graham Potter said about Brighton’s season. “We ended up with 41 points last year but performance-wise we were so much better than that. This year has been really tough to analyze to a certain extent. We’ve had lots of Covid and injuries which would normally derail you, but we’ve managed it really well. The players have been incredible for that, as a group they’ve found solutions.”

“We’ve had really good moments and then times when the margins haven’t gone our way and you have to suffer for a bit. It’s hard to say why it is. We haven’t had a stable season, we’ve had quite a challenging season, that’s what makes it even more satisfying that we’re in the situation we’re in now,” he added. “The first year was incredibly tough for various reasons but still positive. The second season was a big step in terms of how we played but without the results. This season we’ve taken another step forward with better results. We’ve made progress and, in this league, if you keep making progress it’s no mean feat.”

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