Leeds boss Jesse Marsch revealed that he is looking to take inspiration from the likes of Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali in a bid to keep the club in the Premier League. They slipped into the relegation zone for the first time since October after losing 2-1 to Arsenal. Their relegation rivals beat Leicester by the same scoreline to move out of the relegation zone.

“Inspiration is a big part of this job and when you lead people you have to find ways to have your finger on the pulse of exactly what’s happening at any moment,” Leeds boss Jesse Marsch said about Michael Jordan. “I have 52 excerpts from books that I sometimes give players when, individually, I think they need something to motivate them based on where they are in their development path or who they are as people to reach them differently rather than the conversations I have with them. I have hundreds of quotes that I use at different moments that I try to think about how they fit with who I am, the way we try to play football, and how they might fit in a moment in the season. I love quotes. I love learning from people of the past, sports figures, historical figures, whatever.”

“The key is understanding exactly what messages to use at the right time, so players know how to handle moments. Here we are in the stress of relegation trying to stay strong with our belief, confidence, commitment, and mentality. I’m just trying to find ways to motivate, and inspire our collective mind so that we have the best chance to manage the moments we’re in,” he added. “I’ve used Muhammed Ali a few times with the group, Michael Jordan is a guy I’m inspired by, Phil Jackson. I use things that resonate with me that I think can also fit within the standing of where we are.”

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