Leeds United forward Patrick Bamford has admitted to rushing himself back to help the club in their relegation battle. He even claimed to know he was going to get injured before he ruptured his foot against Wolves. Bamford came off just before half-time in tears after aggravating his injury. The injury means that he is set to miss the rest of the season. He has missed 20 games this season due to ankle and hamstring injuries.

“I think I was trying to get through the pain and almost forced myself back a little bit to try and help the team,” Leeds United forward Patrick Bamford said. “Without wanting to sound big-headed, I knew that I had a big role to play. I was eager to get back, but it was one of them where I knew eventually it was going to go and it was just a matter of time, really. Going into the Wolves game, if I was honest with myself, I should have said no [to playing]. But then they kept asking me if I wanted to play and I said ‘yes.”

“When I had the partial tear and found out about that, I had the injections and it was building it back up until, really, I was comfortable training and then I eased into matches – I played a little bit in the Villa and Norwich games. But when I came off at half-time [of the Norwich game] I was in a bit of pain, so I knew it wasn’t quite right,” he added. “As soon as I started the warm-up [at Wolves], I knew. There were four actions where it started tearing and then at the last one I knew something had happened. It sounds strange, but sometimes when there’s black and white, it’s almost easier to take.”

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