Man Utd boss Marc Skinner revealed he was excited to play their first game in front of fans at Old Trafford. He hopes that the team can live up to the expectations and put on a show against Everton over the weekend. A year ago they made their debut at Old Trafford without fans due to coronavirus restrictions. They beat West Ham women 2-0 a year ago.

“The energy inside will drive us on but the players aren’t going to hear instructions they usually would so we’re doing that throughout this week. The players will see their players, the fans, and those they love,” Man United Women boss Marc Skinner said. “How they react is theirs to own. We have to control our ‘controllable’ and play to our principles and adapt to the game but it’s going to be special. It just feels like the stadium has this wonderful history, and you can feel it, you can absorb it. There’s some romanticism left in football where you can still feel these things.”

“It’ll be exciting to play in this wonderful stadium in front of our home fans. Hopefully, it’s the right effect where it spurs us on to exact every bit of energy from our players,” he added. “I want to put on a performance on Sunday that shows everybody that we can, in the future, fill this stadium for our women’s team as well as our men’s team. The players absolutely deserve this and the club has been wonderful in terms of their vision for what we’re trying to achieve here. Let’s make it a really good event. We have to put on experiences that people want to come back to feel and be a part of.”

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