Manchester City striker Erling Haaland revealed that he was not too concerned about settling in the Premier League. Haaland made his debut for Manchester City in the Community Shield. It was a difficult evening for the Norweigan as he missed a chance with the goal at his mercy. But despite the weight of expectation, Haaland is relaxed about adapting to the new league.

“We will see about settling in. People can take time, people can come directly into it. We have to see, but I’m not concerned. That’s life as a footballer – you have to live with it,” Manchester City striker Erling Haaland said. “You are a kind of entertainer. You get judged every single week for what you do on the pitch and you have to deliver and do your best. For me as a striker, this is something I cannot stress about because if you think too much, you might end up doing things you don’t want to do. It’s all about trying to enjoy and live in the moment. People talk about what you did a year ago, but it’s the next game that counts.”

“(I can improve) everything. If you think I’m good at one thing, I can always get better. This is something I have to do. As a young player, playing for Pep Guardiola, playing for the best club in England, I have to keep developing and get better at a lot of things. That’s what I like a lot about football, you can always develop, you can always get better at the game,” he added. “Part of the game is to get out of your comfort zone which is something I’ve been doing and something I like because then you develop more as a human being as well.”

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