Manchester United left-back Alex Telles has urged his teammate to focus on this Premier League season and not their next manager. He believes that the consequences of their current campaign are more important than next season. Ajax boss Erik ten Haag has all but confirmed as the new manager beating Mauricio Pochettino to the job. Telles doesn’t believe that the noise around the manager has affected the performances of the team this season.

“No, I don’t think it influences us because we know what we have to do. There are people at the club working on the new manager – but that’s for next season. And next season depends on what we do in these remaining games, so we need to stay focused. We can’t think about who the next manager will be, we need to think about working hard in our next game,” Manchester United left-back Alex Telles said. “Everyone in the dressing room really wants to win. No player at this club doesn’t have this desire. We know about our responsibilities – we have families, we have dreams, we have objectives. We want to do the work, not talk and turn this situation around. We know the quality we have, we know the expectation the fans and the club have of us and we need to be prepared to do our best to change things for the better.”

“If I didn’t believe we can still rescue the season then I shouldn’t be here,” he added. “We know the duty we have to meet our objectives. We can’t think of the games further ahead, we have a ‘final’ against Norwich in front of us first. We know how quickly things can change in football and the team that concentrates best and really focuses will be successful. So it’s a case of improving our solidity and being compact.”

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