Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has called on the Glazers to leave the club after another humbling at the hands of Liverpool. United lost 4-0 at Anfield following a 5-0 trashing earlier on in the season at Old Trafford. Neville admitted that the club deserved the criticism it has received. Rangnick said after the game that the club needed to bring in at least 10 players to complete the rebuild.

“It would be easy to launch into the players and I’ve done that enough because they have to take responsibility,” Gary Neville said about the Glazers. “You can sometimes point towards the managers that Manchester United has had this season, but you have to start looking above when you see repeated failure over a 10-year period. They (the Glazers) are taking dividends out of the football club. No good business, when the core activity of that business is failing miserably when the cash has been depleted over the last three years to the levels that it has, continue to take money out.”

“Yes, maybe when the club’s rich, it’s winning, there are hundreds of millions in the bank, the sponsorship contracts are coming in, there isn’t Covid, and the stadium’s absolutely amazing, you might say, ‘OK, the owners can take a dividend’. Not today,” he added. “Out of respect, don’t take money out of a business when the core activity of the business is failing, when the stadium needs hundreds of millions spending on it when the training ground needs money spending on it when the team needs money spending on it, when they need a manager who’s paid a handsome wage to compete with [Jurgen] Klopp, [Pep] Guardiola and [Thomas] Tuchel – don’t you take money out of that club. These do and that’s why they must go.”

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