Paul Pogba is set to run down his contract with Manchester United and at least two Premier League clubs are interested in signing the French midfielder. A number of clubs outside England including Real Madrid, PSG, and Juventus are said to be interested in his services. Pogba has not yet ruled out staying at Manchester United but there has been no offer put forward since the summer.

“Whether it’s with Manchester or another club, I want to win trophies. You have to be honest, the last five seasons have not satisfied me – really not at all,” Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba said. “This year it is dead, we won’t win anything. Whether it is with Manchester United or another club, I want to win trophies. I get along very well with [France boss Didier Deschamps], he gave me a role that I know, but at Manchester United do I really have a role? I ask the question but I don’t have an answer.”

“Completely, and several times during my career. I have been through it, but we don’t talk about it. Sometimes you don’t even know you have depression, you just want to be isolated, to be all alone, these are the unmistakable signs,” Pogba opened up about his depression. From a personal perspective, that started when I was with Jose Mourinho at Manchester. You ask yourself if there is something wrong with you because you have never experienced these moments in your life. Of course, we earn a lot of money and we don’t complain, really. But that does not prevent you from going through these moments in your life – like the whole world – which is more difficult than others. In football, it is not acceptable but we are not superheroes, we are only human beings.”

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