Newcastle United have revealed their third kit for the Premier League next season. The kit has a stark resemblance to the green and white of Saudi Arabia. It features a white shirt with a green crest and a green kit maker’s badge along with the sponsor. The Premier League said at the time it had received “legally binding assurances” that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will not control the club after the £300m takeover.

“The relationship between the PIF and the Saudi state is extremely close and it doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny that there would be any kind of independence,” Felix Jakens had said before the takeover of Newcastle United in the Premier League. “Mohammed Bin Salman, who is effectively the overall ruler of Saudi Arabia, is the chair also for the PIF. It is almost certain he has the final say on any investment decisions. We also know that his Saudi Vision 2030, which is bankrolled by the PIF, is to invest in sport inside and outside of Saudia Arabia, so the idea that there is a firewall between the two doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.”

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