Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel revealed that he is not willing to give up on misfiring striker Romelu Lukaku. The German feels that he needs a spark to ignite his Chelsea career. Despite signing for £97.5m in the summer, Lukaku has become an understudy to Kai Havertz this season. He has managed just five goals in his 20 appearances this season. Tuchel revealed that it was a matter of pride to help the striker get back to his best.

“It is a pride for me and it should hopefully also be a pride for him – and it is I guess. This is how we feel, we feel things getting personal then if we don’t get it right and I feel it with any player. If we cannot get the best out of a player for the team it feels, personally me I feel it and I don’t want to have that feeling so,” Thomas Tuchel said about Romelu Lukaku. “You never give up on players, you never give in, and I think Romelu is such a competitor that he feels the same and he behaves in the same way.”

“All he needs is that spark,” he added. “He may be would’ve been a natural starter against Crystal Palace given the minutes Kai (Havertz) has played. But after a period of injury, he lacked the fitness for matches. I don’t point the finger at him, it’s just a fact… Romelu should have had a goal against Real Madrid and Crystal Palace, but if he plays we need all that he has.”

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