Scott Chickelday is an individual striker coach that has been busy this summer coaching Ollie Watkins and Harvey Eliott. His sessions with Watkins took place at the Aston Villa training ground before the team returned for their pre-season. These are just two of the many players that Chickelday trains at the elite level.

“He has set himself a goal target this season. It is about that repetition so he is more confident of hitting that target. He just wants to improve,” Scott Chickelday said about Ollie Watkins.

“He wanted to get some work in before Liverpool went away. We worked on repetition with his finishing. He has a really good shot on him now and I hope this will be a real breakthrough season,” he added about Harvey Eliott.

“They want that repetition of shooting. A club might put a finishing session on but is that specific to the player? It might be specific to one player but the other five or six in that session need other stuff,” he continued. “Sometimes players do not realize they are doing something until they see it. You can tell them but it is not until you show them. The power of video is great. The sessions are all planned out and based on the players’ needs and what I have seen in games. We sit down and we have a conversation. It depends on what they want from it. We might identify certain areas of the pitch where they should be scoring more goals. It could be the edge of the box or inside the box. It could be improving their movement.”

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