Liverpool throw-in coach Thomas Gronnemark believes that the proposal made by Arsene Wenger to replace throw-ins with kick-ins would be the biggest mistake. The rule change was discussed in the latest meeting of the law-making body in Doha but no plans for an official trial have been discussed. Wenger argued that the return of the kick-in could return after being removed in 1863.

“It would be the biggest mistake. They would be taking a beautiful thing away. But I am 100 percent sure they will keep them because they will soon see if they try it that maybe the ball won’t be lost as much with no pressure on the kicker and it will ruin the joy of the game for everyone,” Liverpool throw-in coach Thomas Gronnemark said about Arsene Wenger. “I have seen that the development in throw-ins has been better since I got my break at Liverpool. In his expert view, those that are seeking an alternative to the throw-in would be better off focusing on how to improve this key discipline of the game.”

“If you are not working on throw-ins, spending time on it in training and have a general lack of knowledge, then, of course, it is challenging. No matter what we are talking about in life, if you don’t work on it then it will be a big challenge,” he added. “I have seen people say that it is 10 against 11 inside the pitch when you take the thrower away so you are almost certain to lose the ball. No, you are not almost certain to lose the ball! It can actually be an advantage but coaches don’t put the time into it. Introducing kick-ins will, for sure, bring more long balls into the game. There is no doubt about that. But even though that is a big challenge, and one of the big differences to a throw-in, for me it is just the start of the challenges that come with kick-ins.”

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