FODEN breach social distancing laws
FODEN breach social distancing laws
FODEN breach social distancing laws
EPL English Premier LeagueFODEN breach social distancing laws

FODEN breach social distancing laws

On Sunday, PHIL FODEN seemed to breach social distancing laws as he enjoyed a beach kick-about.

The Manchester City star has stuck in after challenging members of the public to a Merseyside hotspot contest. When he decided to breach rules by playing football on the beach, Manchester City reminded Phil Foden of his duties.

The midfielder, 20, was photographed enjoying a kickabout and had his photograph taken on Sunday with many friends.

Guidelines for social distance from the government say people can participate in sport as long as they keep a two-meter distance from other competitors.

FODEN breach social distancing laws

Video footage shows the England Under-21 ace within its opponents’ touching distance as they attempted to tackle it. Foden even grinned after the match as he posed for a photo alongside four of his opponents.

Players in the Premier League are now training in contact with their clubs. They were told to keep the social distance at all other times, however.

Individuals in England will now meet in groups of six together-but when doing so, they must stick to social distancing guidelines.

City defender Kyle Walker was pictured during the lockdown last month visiting his family in Sheffield, but the club did not punish him based on personal circumstances.

Stars of the Premier League were ordered to maintain the rule of two meters at all times except during training. And players have also been cautioned against going on an unnecessary trip to the shops as they brace for returning to football.

Foden is not the first football star to breach the guidelines that Boris Johnson and Co have set for keeping the country safe.

Man City team-mate Kyle Walker ignored the rules as he hosted a sex party at his flat with his friend and two girls.

And Chelsea forward Callum Hudson-Odoi was arrested during lockdown following 4 rows with a glamorous model.


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