Burnley supporter says 60 people have contributed to the Premier League ‘s game hoax. A man who said he was organizing the stunt “White Lives Matter Burnley,” where a plane towed a banner bearing words about a Premier League match on Monday, said he was given police security.

Jake Hepple, a Burnley fan who was pictured alongside the former president of the English Defense League, Tommy Robinson, said that 60 people had contributed to the banner and hired aircraft, costing £ 600 in total. He told the Daily Mail that on Monday he traveled to Manchester with two friends to film the plane as it flew over the Etihad stadium shortly after players from Manchester City and Burnley took the knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

He said: “I ‘m standing by this banner and 100% of what it says. I’m not at all sorry, and I’m not ashamed of what I did.”

Hepple, 24, insisted that he was not a racist, saying: “I know that people try to make one but, I’m not. I have lots of black and Asian friends, and the Black Lives Movement influenced this banner. We weren’t trying to offend the black people or the party. I think it’s also important to recognize that white lives are important too. That’s all we tried to say.”

Hepple said police officers visited him on Tuesday, who told him that he had committed no crime and offered him protection in case someone tried to harm him.

After reviewing all the relevant facts, the force said on Tuesday that it had concluded that “there are no criminal crimes reported at the moment.

Earlier, a senior official said the stunt “offended many men within and beyond Lancashire.”

A Burnley based corporation separately said it had sacked Hepple ‘s mother, Megan Rambadt, on charges of posting offensive material on a social media platform.

Rambadt’s Twitter page has now has been deleted. Her mum had advised her daughter not to write the Daily Mail messages.

Discussions on reiterating banner condemnation and support for the Black Lives Matter movement at the Watford game were held at the club Tuesday.

Although details have yet to be confirmed, it is understood that Burnley will project their message “One Club For All” inside the stadium with it being supported by Sean Dyche ‘s squad.


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