In Barcelona the police arrested a man who was trying to stage a terrorist attack between Barcelona and Real Madrid during the Spanish El Clasico. According to La Sexta recall that the Madrid club slammed home Barcelona in front of Ronaldo and Messi in the last match between the teams on March 1, leaving the field in disgrace and has been booked.

A Moroccan citizen was arrested by law enforcement on 8 May and taken into custody. He later told police he had intended to use a drone to coordinate a terrorist attack. The detained person did not specify how to attack people and the drone has never been found. The attacker had been detained in Spain and descriptions of his criminal activity were released by the media there.

The local newspaper El Periodico reports that the Moroccan, reportedly 33 years old (his name will only be released when the trial begins), first intended to enter the field with a knife and make a massacre, and then even considered an assault on the drones.

We think he is an “Islamic Republic’s lone wolf,” reports El Periodico, added.

Details suggest he gave up on the original plan and focused on fans instead of players. A coronavirus pandemic may have saved some people’s lives, but all this failed him because of the football lock.

The man was involved with a terrorist group for four years, according to prosecutors, and recently behaved less aggressively so as not to attract publicity.

Judge Jose Luis Calaman ordered the suspect to be sent to jail until the trial began, and the same source added that the accused admitted that he had planned the massacre and ultimately decided on a knife.

We recalled that Spain’s championship was suspended in March because of the coronavirus pandemic. But on 4 may the government permit athletes to resume training, as provided for in the plan for a gradual quarantine exit.


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