There has been a lot of discussions and debate going on for Series A procedure verdict.

Series A’s latest medical procedure verdict, submitted to the CTS for approval, is likely revealed in the next two days.

The Lega Series A, Player’s Association, and Sports Medics Association have also opposed the government’s approved protocol, primarily because it allows a whole party to be quarantined if a positive coronavirus test occurs.

Series A seeks a similar solution to Germany and Spain, which isolates even those that have coronavirus.

A New procedure of Series A in two days ' time

Yesterday the new protocol was drafted and the Corriere Della Sera reports that the verdict will arrive within Wednesday.

This was drawn up by Serie A, handed over to the FIGC, which in turn handed it over to Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora.

The Minister has immediately forwarded the new steps for approval to the CTS and we will be informed of their decision in the next two days from the newspaper reports.

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