Radja Nainggolan, midfielder of Cagliari, fears to leave Roma and thinks he should always have had his say with Inter. “I’ve permitted my ambition to get the better of me.”

Following a dispute with the then Manager of Sports Monchi, the Belgian left Roma but only lasted one season before he was frozen in San Siro.

“I left my heart in Rome because it was a special experience,” Nainggolan said in his live chat with tennis champion Fabio Fognini on Instagram.

“Unfortunately, I let self-esteem get away from me and that made me change clubs.” He knew Luciano Spalletti at Inter, but when Antonio Conte took over things changed.

“I went with a coach to Inter who always needed me out there. I came so happily and then I got hurt and had some issues. Looking at the numbers, I can be happy, but though I can do better. It wasn’t Nainggolan’s best performance at Inter.

“I always wished that another opportunity would be offered but that didn’t happen. It is a choice which I will embrace. I’ve got two more years on my terms with Inter, we’ll see what’s going on because there’s so much happening at the club.

“I do hope I should have my say at Inter. Given what’s recorded, I never had any issues in the dressing room.


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