Airdrie defender Rico Quitongo revealed on social media that he was racially abused by a fan of his own. The defender suffered racial abuse during their goalless draw with Queen Park. The club has announced that they will be conducting an investigation into the alleged abuse.

“Can’t believe I’m actually writing this but here goes…Saturday at my football game away to Queen’s Park I was subjected to racial abuse by one of my own Airdrie supporters,” Airdrie defender Rico Quitongo said. “Now as I’m not surprised with this still in football I am more hugely disappointed to hear it from where a section where my family would normally be sitting. Thankfully, my family weren’t there but it makes no difference, it shouldn’t be in football and I absolutely don’t deserve to be personally abused for my skin colour.”

“I’m all for banter with fans etc, but I will not tolerate it whatsoever. I am proud to be black and proud to be who I am,” he added. I may not be the best footballer for fans, but I shouldn’t be singled out a period. The club has a pending investigation and is supporting me as much as they can, but you can’t always catch these idiots that make these remarks, which upsets me. This is not a cry for sympathy, as it’s the last thing I’d want, but more needs to be done for cowards to change.”

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