Arsenal was said to have been able to accept Alexandre Lacazette ‘s future in less than two years after the striker was caught inhaling nitrous oxide for the second time. On Sunday, the Gunners made a statement stating that they acknowledged the accusations of Lacazette’s actions “seriously,” and that they would deal with the matter internally.

Lacazette had been warned 18 months earlier of a similar incident and is now facing further disciplinary action following his most recent transgression. The Daily Mail argues that the reports plunged the future of the Frenchman into even greater uncertainty, frozen negotiations at the Emirate Stadium about a new deal.

The deal for the 28-year-old will not expire until 2022, but reports have suggested that this summer Arsenal would rather unload it than risk losing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Lacazette has scored nine goals in 26 games in all this season’s Arsenal competitions.


At the very least this week president Mikel Arteta and club members will officially inform Lacazette of his obligations. But the fact that the Frenchman-and some of his Arsenal team-mates-were at the core of a similar incident in December 2018 is likely to mean that Lacazette faces a tougher penalty-probably a fine for the club.

The Gunners took a particularly dim view of the antics of Lacazette to raise additional question marks about his club’s future. He’s been on his contract for two years, and talks stalled over a new deal.
The new misdemeanor of the 28-year-old has the striker at home with the balloon on his face.

Lacazette, who receives £140,000-per-week in the city, listens to rap music as he slowly exhales. He then looks relaxed as his eyes begin to close. The forward allegedly boasts of being ‘at home, chilling and making balloons’ in friends’ messages.


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