Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has reported that club officials will soon be debating whether Alexis Sánchez will have a future loaned out at Old Trafford, as Manchester United manager intends to transfer his side from the renovation project to the contestants for next season.
The Chilean was shipped out to Inter this season to try to rebuild his reputation after an abysmal spell at United.

Sanchez managed just nine Series A appearances before football was postponed, however, with injuries restricting him to just two starts and one goal.

In the current financial environment, having a club willing to pay the big wages for Sánchez next season seems highly difficult, leaving United with a decision to make on the player ‘s future.

Solskjaer, who had previously discussed his happiness with some ‘bad apples’ last summer, admitted that United is always looking for ways to improve the squad, but it will be necessary to decide whether to welcome Sánchez back in the fold.

The former striker then proceeded to compare Sanchez to a couch, in comparison with United’s team management.


“There’s a place for good players and good people in this environment, of course. Let’s see where we get to after the season because we feel that this squad is exciting. Perhaps it will be a nice chair or a nice sofa when you decorate your living room, but it does not go with the rest of it. We are focusing on finishing the league this season for us to think about major honors. When this season is done, we have to determine what the next one will look like,” said Solskjaer via The Mirror.

Solskjaer added that he feels that his squad is moving in the right direction but cautioned the team not to prepare for the future but to start winning.

He continued: “Yes, at this club we were creating a young, exciting, optimistic team because that’s what our fans want to see,” he said. “We want to see it, as coaches, too. The workers here have both the Man United DNA in us and the players-and this squad is gradually looking like a United side.

“But now is the time to begin to get results. Throughout the day we can talk about potential-we also need results. But I feel very motivated by the signs of the team and you can see the potential of this community now that you have everybody more or less fit to come to work and to practice every day. Of course, it’s important to have good players playing together but I won’t jump on any bandwagon. We need to get started and accelerate straight away to get the team performance up to scratch quickly.”


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