Liverpool should take inspiration from The All Blacks, the manager Jurgen Klopp claims.

Jurgen Klopp hopes that the All Blacks will inspire Liverpool and not settle for a single title in the Premier League. Liverpool has secured their first league title since 1990, after a successful campaign in the Premier League, contributing to last-season performance in the Champions League.

During the visit to Manchester City on Thursday, Klopp said he needed Liverpool to start going – inspired by New Zealand’s national rugby union team All Blacks.

Klopp told reporters: “We sense something right in the center, not the end of it. We have to give something before we finish our careers. As long as you wear this jersey, it is not possible to wear less than 100%. That’s not my word, that came from the All Blacks. I heard it in a nice documentary about the All Blacks and I just kept it for myself. That’s the same for any LFC player and me. We are preparing for Man City with complete emphasis. We ‘re still going to be ready for the next season. I don’t know any other way. I’ve found when you think you’ve hit the top you ‘re still on the way down and we don’t feel that. In the end, I do not feel satisfied. It is a big step but not the only thing I want to talk about in 20 years with the boys.”

All Blacks will inspire Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool is 23 points clear from City for the remaining seven games ahead of their clash at the Etihad Stadium.

Yet Klopp played down any talk either side might make a point by winning the match, saying next season shaped as being different.”A comment is a comment, I don’t think we need to make it, what’s going to change next year if we beat City and what’s going to happen to us if they win?” he said.

In continuation, Klopp said: “People are going to say a few things. If we win they ‘re going to say it’s the best team in the league and if they win they ‘re going to say, well City is great but we’re going to win the title, well people think it’s not that important for next season, certainly not. We must all be ready for next year, not that I’d be too worried about Area, but we must all be ready. You can see at the moment that United is coming up, they are very much the same team a couple of weeks ago, besides one or two players, and people thought they had no chance, and now we see how good they are and how good they could be and they’re not going to be worse next year, for sure, and again Chelsea too.”


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