Amanda Staveley has accused the premier league of the lack of transparency for the £300m takeovers of Newcastle United. She is the financier of the Saudi-backed bid and revealed there is no accountability over the proceedings to determine the future of the club. She has written an open letter to Tracey Crouch who is leading the government-commissioned review. She argued about the ”effective shield against public scrutiny” of the sports top flight.

“One might justifiably ask why that model is so favoured by those responsible for regulating the sport if they have nothing to hide.” Newcastle United takeover financier Amanda Staveley said in a statement. “Fans surely deserve absolute transparency from the regulators across all their processes – to best ensure that they act responsibly. They are performing a function like that of a government regulator – but without the same systems for accountability.”

“But there is real urgency – given the NUFC arbitration hearing is due to take place this month,” she added in her open letter. “We need intervention immediately to force the issue out into the open. It is my view that it is likely that that would be enough to make those involved behave more responsibly and signal the government’s intention to take effective action in the interests of the country.”

She has been in pursuit of the Newcastle deal for a couple of years now. She had agreed on a deal with current owner Mike Ashley last season. The football club echoed her sentiments in a statement last week. They revealed that it was their wish that the Premier League conducts the arbitration in public. They cited the formation of the now collapsed European super league as an example of the need for transparency within the Premier League from next season.

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