The agent who helped Neymar transfer to Barça disclosed his current interest and says Madrid still wants to sign him Neymar is still on the wish list at Real Madrid for Florentino Perez.

That is according to Wagner Ribeiro, a football negotiator who talked to ESPN’s ‘Canal do Nicola’ when he was interested in deals for Neymar, Kaka, and Robinho. Ribeiro worked with Neymar in his early years and assisted with his move to FC Barcelona.

“We have got offers from all over the world,” Ribeiro said of Neymar’s tenure at Santos. “We got an official offer from Chelsea when we were in New York, the day Neymar made his debut for Brazil in 2010. We discussed the offer but decided nothing. On that occasion, as in many others, we passed it on to Neymar and his father to make a decision.”

“There were later offers from Bayern Munich, Juventus — and we also had a meeting in Turin. Real Madrid called me on a couple of occasions because Florentino dreamed of signing Neymar. I was with him in his office last year, in May, and then he told me he was always dreaming of signing Neymar.”

Ribeiro also revealed PSG has put a price on Neymar’s head. “Signing Neymar today would cost you €164 million. The price didn’t exist a year ago.” Although the agent acknowledges there won’t be many transactions over €50 million due to the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus.

“He’s a lot better than Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. I’ve never seen Neymar play poorly. Despite being punched, he’s always made the difference in Santos because he either scored or assisted.

Ribeiro said the right atmosphere is crucial to Neymar at this point in his career. “Barcelona’s top of the list. There’s his closest mate, but he’s happy at PSG as well. A footballer needs to be professional. It’s crucial that he’s in the right environment because money isn’t an issue for him. He wants to be the best player in the world, even though he’s still very young.”

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