Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou revealed that he expects the team to maintain its standards given the strength of depth in all departments. He found it difficult to put together a back four during the transition period in the beginning. Postecoglou also found himself without a striker for large parts of the season with a number of injuries affecting the squad.

“We are getting a strong squad which means there’s competition for places and no one wants to miss out,” Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou said. “It gives me the opportunity to set higher benchmarks because I can rotate the team and that means that certain things like our intensity, our tempo, our intent to play our football, shouldn’t really drop. There were probably times, particularly in the first half of the year, where I had to make allowances that we weren’t going to be as sharp as we possibly could because players were playing so much football.”

“So you assess a game a bit differently, and say we may have been a bit flat in certain parts of the game but there’s a reason for that,” he added. “Whereas now, with the talent we have available, irrespective of the changes I make, those things should be there. “It’s not so much changing the team for tactical reasons, it’s about changing the team to make sure everyone can perform at the levels we want. It’s not about saying ‘he is going to be better than him’, it’s more about saying ‘which 11 are going to bring the energy and tempo we need, who is looking the best in training, who needs a game to get to that level, who maybe needs a bit of a rest?’.”

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