In his autobiography, Giorgio Chiellini apologized to Mario Balotelli for lightly criticizing the striker, acknowledging that he “made a mistake.” In the upcoming novel, Juventus’ captain criticized the Brescia player, stating that he “deserved a slap” for his conduct during the 2013 Confederations Cup campaign in Italy.

Chiellini did not stop there, claiming that “Balotelli is a negative guy who is not supporting the squad.”

Balotelli did not lie down for the assault, fighting on Chiellini’s Instagram.”At least, I have the confidence and honesty to say things face to face, “he wrote on his post. “You’ve had plenty of opportunities to act like a real man since 2013, but you haven’t.”


But now, the pair buried the hatchet when they both appeared on Tuesday’s Italian television series, Le Irene. The show’s crew first presented a signed Balotelli jersey with Chiellini’s inscription: “While you stabbed me unexpectedly in the back I love you man.”

The pair then connected via video chat, and Balotelli began with a joke. Juventus’ defender went on to say that he felt he had to bring some criticism into his email, having previously called former team-mate Felipe Melo “the worst of the worst” and “a poor apple.”

However, the center-back acknowledged that he had gone too far with his remarks about Balotelli.


“I made a mistake and I learned from it and will continue to profit from my mistakes regularly, “the 35-year-old said. Chiellini said he’d be more than pleased if the two ended up being team-mates on Italy’s squad for the Euro next summer.

Giorgio Chiellini has also courted a controversy for his unbridled criticism of Felipe Melo and Mario Balotelli in his latest biography, ‘Hell, Giorgio.’ However, he described Kalidou in a far more optimistic way, as he also disclosed his shock at receiving a message from the Inter icon Javier Zanetti following his injury to the ACL.


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