Tottenham boss Antonio Conte has urged the club to match his ambition in the long-term but is not worried about the duration of his contract. Conte made it clear after the Carabao Cup semi-final first leg loss to Chelsea about how far Tottenham is to the bigger clubs. He maintained that the rebuild required at the club is huge but his ambition is to take them back to competing with the elite clubs in England and Europe.

“I signed a contract for this season and next season,” Tottenham boss Antonio Conte said. “I think that we decided together, the club and I, to go for this decision. I think that I don’t need a long contract to be sure to work for a club. I think that the club has to appreciate my job and then extend my contract, but only if I showed the club I deserve this.”

“I’m not a coach that wants many years of a contract. Also, it’s not fair, because I know very well I’m a top coach with an important salary for the club,” he added. “I’m open to improving the Tottenham situation and I decided to sign a contract with this club and I’m available to give my opinion, to give my vision and it won’t be a problem for me, a short contract – only one year to go. It’s OK because Tottenham has to be sure 120 percent to continue to work with me. I’m happy to work with this group because they are giving me great availability.”

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