Argentina has never been unduly reliant on Lionel Messi’s efforts, according to Messi, who believes the squad is presently “on the right road” ahead of Copa America.

Messi has long been considered one of the finest players in the world, but despite remarkable success at club and personal levels, he has yet to win an international trophy with Argentina. He’ll have another chance to correct that in Copa America this summer, but despite years of criticism that Argentina relies too heavily on Messi, the man himself claims that this has never been the case.

Messi told Ole, “The national team never relied on me. We want to have a strong group at all times. We’ve always emphasized that winning and attaining our goals would be tough if we didn’t have a good squad. I believe we grew stronger as a unit. The majority of the players have been collaborating for a long time. We’ve previously competed in a Copa America, so we’ve got the experience that comes with that. We’re still in the training phase, but I believe we’re on the right route.”

He said, “It’s unique; everything I do with the national team is unique, whether it’s friendlies, qualifying, Copa America, or the World Cup… I never expected to play that many games. I didn’t even consider it. I simply lived day to day, attempting to constantly be there and offer my best effort.”

Argentina begins their tournament campaign on Monday against Chile, who memorably upset Messi and his teammates in the tournament finals in 2015 and 2016.

Even though only two of the tournament’s ten teams would be ousted in the group stage, Messi believes it is critical to get off to a good start.

Even before the tournament began, the continuing coronavirus epidemic had cast a pall over the event.

The Copa America was originally scheduled to be hosted in Argentina and Colombia but was changed to Brazil owing to coronavirus worries and government opposition, even though the new hosts have had their Covid troubles in recent weeks.

Messi said that he is concerned about the possibility of contracting the virus, but claims that there are nothing players can do to manage the situation.


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