Waiting for an extension at Juve, the Argentine is saying it would be cool to play for the Blaugrana. Paulo Dybala confirmed that it would be “very cool” to play for Barcelona as the star attacker said he was still awaiting a contract extension at Juventus.

Dybala, 26, had enjoyed a fine season before being suspended because of the coronavirus pandemic which was related to a move from Turin last year. Argentina International is reported to extend its stay in Juve until 2022 where it will be contracted.

But Dybala said reuniting with international teammate Lionel Messi in Barcelona would be nice.

“The truth is Barcelona is an enormous team worldwide and even bigger with Messi. It would be very good but Juventus is also an incredible team, very big, full of history, where there are great players at the moment.”There is enough quality here to make two teams and to have the opportunity to play with [Gianluigi] Buffon and Cristiano Ronaldo, who make the club even bigger,” he told CNN.

Argentine Paulo Dybala finds it cool to play for the Blaugrana

While moving to Barcelona may be of interest, Dybala has been confirmed to be close to an extension at Juventus. But Dybala, who this season has scored 13 goals and earned seven assists in 34 games, said he was still waiting.

“There’s nothing for now. I’ve left a year and a half on my deal, which isn’t much, so I understand that it’s not easy for the club with all of this [coronavirus], but other players have also renewed it, so we’re waiting here. I’m a club player and I’m happy to be here. People love me a lot and I love people a lot. I have a great appreciation for the club and the people who are here, I have a good relationship with my president and they’ll probably come to chat at some point – or perhaps not, I don’t know. There may be some possible renewal at some point but it depends on Juventus,” he said.

Series A Juventus leaders are scheduled to resume their league campaign with a trip to Bologna on June 22, as they are leading one-point over second-placed Lazio.


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